Apilats / Lord M27

12 €
Javier Guerrero

19:00 h
Teatre Principal d’Olot

An incarnated utopia is a place which, even though it should only exist in our imagination, really does exist. It exists, and crops up in different places, with all its aberrations and incongruities. An incarnated utopia is to form part of a community that does not exist, to feel at home without being there, or to return to a place you have never been before. As if it were an old photograph, Lord M27 presents itself as a motionless journey and yet it is full of movement. On the ruins of faded progress, this piece by Javier Guerrero explores the mechanisms of memory, repetition and transformation of one world into another.

  • Lord M27 is one of the four pieces that comprise Apilats, which showcases the work of young creators that were finalists at the 2018 edition of the Institut del Teatre’s Dance Awards.