As I collapse (online)

3 €
Recoil performance group

17:00 h

Duration: 60 minutes

As I collapse is a choreographic piece starring humans and luminous microalgae Pyrocystis Fusiformis, a species that produces a strong luminescence when exposed to sudden movement. If you wish to take part in this meeting between people and algae, we will give you a sample of Pyrocystis and instructions for taking care of it and keeping it alive. As I collapse consists of several layers: an introductory video, growing algae at home, a virtual meeting, and guided meditation. Sismògraf will offer a small group of spectators the possibility of a face-to-face experience, while the rest you will be able to attend from the comfort of home.

  • You will receive a link to access the online meeting
  • Send your postal address to before 22 April and we will send you a small sample of Pyrocystis fusiformis
  • Link to the introductory video: You can turn on the subtitles by clicking on CC
  • Duration: 30 minutes live encounter (5pm) + 30 minutes at your own convenience