Ciutat dormitori

Contenidos Superfluos

04.15.2023 | 08:00 pm
DURATION:  100 minutes


* Travelling show.

* Starting point: Teatre Principal // End point: Cementiri d'Olot

* Accessible for persons with reduced mobility.


Join us on a tour through the streets and squares of the local cemetery.


/ Site-specific / Cemetery / The living and the dead / Politics / Society /


Ciutat dormitori is a site-specific performance that explores the local cemetery to help us gain a better understanding of the idiosyncrasies of the city and the nature of its inhabitants. The voices of a choir will join us on this guided tour. Cemetery workers will tell us their story and enlighten us about the site. Ciutat dormitori invites participants to take a critical and collective walk, and to reflect on the urban and social dynamics at play in a place like this, on the public policies surrounding death and its management, and on the relationship between work and the demise of the universe.


Contenidos Superfluos is a performing arts creation platform set up in Barcelona in 2019. Led by the director and playwright Pau Masaló, the platform emerged from the desire to launch creative projects that relate customary representation processes and codes of contemporary theatre with the presence and experience of people not necessarily linked to this artistic discipline. Contenidos Superfluos has premiered a theatre show (The National Body) and a street show (Ciutat dormitori). The latter piece was awarded the 24th Performing Arts Critics’ Award for Best Street Arts Show and the El Temps de les Arts Performing Arts Award.


Guide: Melcior Casals / With the involvement of: Xènia Janer, Miquel Casas, Maria Colldecarrera, Jordi Janer, Albert Vallés / With the voices of: The ARSinNOVA chamber choir (Berta Morató, Elisabet Barroso, Núria Ballestar, Ragnhild Hjelmborg, Alba Ramírez, Jayne Segedy, Laura Farré, Èlia Lucas, Joana Martínez-Mora, Marta Canals, Marta Garrote, Emma Clarke, Victoria Mikus, Pere Carulla, Pol Blancafort, Francesc Minguella, Miquel Aguiló, Gerard Morató, Guillem Pérez, Eloi Moreno and Ferran Dalmau, Josep Maria Tamarit, Joan Fonoll, Sergi Comellas) / With the collaboration of: Bàrbara Roig / Direction: Pau Masaló / Dramaturgy: Pau Masaló and Irena Visa / Musical composition: Adrià Pagès / Musical direction: Maria Mauri / Set and costume design: Laila Rosato / Executive production: Clàudia Robert


Thanks to the Olot Municipal Cemetery and the Besora Funeral Parlour for their support and collaboration.


Coproduced by: Teatre Lliure / Awards and scolarships: Premi de la Crítica 2021 a Millor espectacle d’Arts de Carrer, Premi El Temps de les Arts d’arts escèniques 2022, projecte guanyador d’un dels Ajuts extraordinaris a la creació Carlota Soldevila del Teatre Lliure, projecte guanyador d’una Beca Ciutat de Barcelona 2020 / Thanks to: Cementiris de Barcelona, Adrià Terol, Marta Aladren, Transports Metropolitans de Barcelona, Carlota Serrahima, Pol Serrahima, Albert Pérez, Martín Torres, Teatre Nacional de Catalunya, Modiband i Marc Tàpies

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