04.09.2022 | 10:00 pm
DURATION:  45 minutes
Itineraris 2022 Centre Vila

* This show is part of the itinerary Centre Vila. Click here for more info.


In 2010 Leen Dewilde started destroying things, smashing cups, breaking down walls, cutting up furniture and sawing the legs off chairs. A String Section started as one of these works, a simple set of six chairs, six women and six saws. A project where the production of sawdust, the left over legs, the half broken chairs, the residue of the action is as important as the action itself. Presented indoors in galleries, theatres, a church, and a warehouse, outside in front of the sea, in an Italian courtyard, underneath a bridge...


Reckless Sleepers is a company set up in Nottingham in 1989, comprising a line of artists specialised in dance, visual arts, theatre and performance. Since their outset, Reckless Sleepers have produced shows that include The Last Supper, Spanish Train, Schrödinger and Negative Space. Their theatrical performances and proposals, designed for both conventional performing arts venues and specific settings, often combine entertainment and provocation. Besides their performing arts projects, they have also carried out various educational programmes for centres and institutions such as the National Museum of Scotland. A String Section is one of the most meaningful, talked-about and internationalised pieces by Reckless Sleepers.


Created by: Leen Dewilde for Reckless Sleepers / Concept: Leen Dewilde / Performed by: Leen Dewilde, Caroline D’Haese, Lisa Kendall, Orla Shine, Rachel Piekarczyk and Alexa Moyer Panksep / Producer: Mole Wetherell

Commissioned by: Tramway, Glasgow, Metropolis Festival Copenhagen / Co-commisiioned by: South East Dance & Coastal Currents /  With the support of: INTEATRO Creative Residency & Arts Council England






Free admission