El Firal Petit

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El Firal Petit is a specific part of the Passeig d’en Blay (EL Firal) promenade, especially conceived and designed for large-scale public events. It is a space located in the heart of the city that hosts all sorts of events throughout the year: the open-air market on Mondays, various fairs, the local city festival’s big concerts... It is also one of the regular Sismògraf venues on account of its proximity to Olot’s Teatre Principal and the space’s suitability to host performing arts proposals.


© Vojtech Brtnicky
Woods / Bosque
Clarice Lima / Futura & Linha de fuga
From Fr 14.04.23 to Sa 15.04.23 | 12:00 h, 19:00 h, 19:30 h
El Firal Petit

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