Espai Cràter

How to arrive?

The Espai Cràter is a multidisciplinary centre that fosters knowledge about volcanoes, science and society. The new facility boasts a benchmark exhibition on volcanology. Wholly interactive, it employs various exhibition languages. Besides the exhibition area, the Espai Cràter features the Sala Magma (which hosts a wide variety of cultural and business events), the Aula Bufador (where educational activities are mainly executed) and the Zona Sísmica (workspace and documentation point). The Espai Cràter is a contemporary initiative that works in an innovative, experiential and participatory manner to address the global challenges that bear an impact at local level. A local facility that generates value in La Garrotxa region, developing economic, social and environmental sustainability. The Espai Cràter welcomes ideas that help to preserve our landscape, to understand the world and to create a better society.


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