Friday, 8 April | 6:30 PM
DURATION:  40 minutes

Runa. Remains. History. Construction. Destruction. Forgotten memories. Syria. Roots. Death. Life. Identity. A liberated space where the body, the object and sound engage in dialogue to reconnect with that part of us that is forgotten, missed, loved, rejected and blurred. Runa is a circus act based on autofiction that calls internal limits into question, as well as the absurdity of territorial borders and human conflicts. It is a contemporary circus in dialogue with objects, the body and sound to delve into concepts such as identity, family and geopolitical borders.


Amer Kabbani is trained in various circus and theatrical disciplines such as improvisation at the Rogelio Rivel circus arts school and Factoria DiMô. He is a member of the circus companies Bauala and La Main S’Affaire and is a co-founder of the improv theatre group Impro con Limón. Amer collaborated with the company NoFit State Circus in the show Block. With the show ENVÀ, jointly created with Àfrica Llorens within the company Amer i Àfrica Circ, he has toured all over Europe. The core members of Cia 104º are Amer Kabbani, Ivan Tomasevich and Alina Ventura.


Original idea: Amer Kabbani Fernández / Direction: Rolando Sanmartín / Dramaturgy: Amer Kabbani and Rolando Sanmartín / External perspective: Joan Català and Marta Salla / Sound and lighting design: Ivan Tomasevich / Distribution and dissemination: Alina Ventura (La Maleta dels Espectacles) / Communication and social media: Aida Kabbani / Costume design: Amer Kabbani / Graphic design: Gerard Riu / Photography: Jordi Plana


06:30 pm
6 €