Attraverso la notte


Thursday, 7 July | 20:00 h

This proposal is a walk that will kick off at 8 pm and finish at 6 am the next morning


The artistic group Marsala (Italy) proposes we pursue a journey of sensory and artistic exploration through a nocturnal walk. From dusk to dawn, the audience will take part in a laboratory focused on the act of walking, unleashing individual and collective reflections on the relationship between the space, the night-time and walking. Attraverso la notte aims to raise awareness of collectively living by night as an antidote to social distancing and the rules that govern daytime living.

Throughout the experience, the audience will have the opportunity to explore various disciplines, including urban and visual anthropology, sociology, human geography, cartography and journalism, which shall be intertwined with various artistic languages at the same time. The end result may be a multimedia installation, a street sign campaign, a video collage, a soundscape or a self-produced fanzine.