Terra Rhapsody

Vaikonur / Ester Guntín

04.13.2023 | 08:00 pm
DURATION:  50 minutes

Succumb to the weightlessness and the hypnotic atmosphere of this choreography.


/ Choreography / Futurism / Nostalgia / Garden / Weightlessness /


Terra Rhapsody is a choreographic installation about memory and remembrance, a science-fiction-inspired piece that addresses the themes of nostalgia for the Earth and the fascination with technology. The show is built around a weightless territory, an imaginary garden and inhabitants who have not quite adapted to the distance from Earth. Nostalgia pushes them to grow a ghostly garden with their own bodies and the artificial and technological resources at their disposal.
Terra Rhapsody is a reflection on isolation and distance, on the possible mental and physical consequences of moving away from our planet for a long period of time.


Vaikonur is a performing arts project directed by Ester Guntín, choreographer and movement director. Her creations explore introspective states of human beings and their relationship with the world through movement, image and dramaturgy. Ararat has earned her prizes and accolades at the Rotterdam International Duet Choreography Competition, the ACT Festival in Bilbao and the Estruch Choreography Competition. She has presented Terra Rhapsody at the CCCB in Barcelona and Nigra Quiso on TanzLabor Ulm (Germany). She has collaborated on several occasions with Marcos Morau (La Veronal). As a movement director she has worked with Col·lectiu VVAA, Amaga Productions, Entrance Teatro, Ferran Utzet, Clara Aguilar and Lucía del Greco. She has recently directed the movement of The Fox Sisters, an opera at the Gran Teatre del Liceu by Silvia Delagneau and Marc Migó.


Direction: Ester Guntín / Authorship: Vaikonur / Technology design: DoesWork – Saúl Baeza / Choreography: Ester Guntín with the collaboration of the performers / Choreographic assistance: Héctor Puigdomènech / Director's assistant: Rita Molina VallicrosaPerformers: Marina Capel, Mariona Capllonch, Martí Forcada, Ignacio Jiménez, Julia Romero and Alberto Serrano / Musical composition: Clara Aguilar / Lighting: Andreu Fàbregas / Costumes: Marta Soldevila - Sol de la Villa / Acknowledgements: Ona Galo, Anna Rubirola, Rafael Argullol, Lipi Hernàndez, Roberto Fratini and Paula Tato



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